#gov20la – notes on my presentation today

These are notes – for now. . . .

The context for technology is culture and human decision-making. The context for Government 2.0 technologies lies in the contemporary crisis in liberal democracy, of which the United States may have the worst case though parallel problems are evident in democracies worldwide.

3-fold crisis:

1. In process

Confidence in Congress reported as having risen to 17%. Rise of “exopolitics” – Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street,, No Labels, the grassroots revolt on SOPA, all examples of the decanting of political focus from the center to activity only indirectly relating to traditional political channels and process. Parallel examples: German Pirate Party overtakes the Greens; Uk Daily Mail endorses Marine Le Pen for the French election.

2. In policy

Major party policy packages were formulated in an earlier generation and are increasingly out of kilter with the focus and weighting of issues of the public at large. A fundamental process of transformation is needed to reconnect with core concerns of 21st century citizens.

3. In leadership.

The faster change takes place, the more leadership is needed. It is lacking across the political spectrum. Leaders frame questions, they enable adaptation to change by shaping people’s thinking not simply following it. 

In each category, engagement in Gov2.0 is key to enabling transformation.