Mobile spend up 11x Over Next 5 Years – or will it be a lot more? – my take

The smart people at Forrester reckon that there’s a big increase in European mobile spending in the next 5 years, from 1.7bn Euros to 19.2bn. That will be 6.8% of total online sales (very similar to US).

One does hate to disagree. But my gut is that in 5 years the rate of shift to mobile for all purposes will be devastating. We shall stop seeing “mobile” as the oddity, with mobile “phones” blending with tablets, and tablets of various kinds taking over from the desktop/laptop as the default device for consumer and much enterprise use.

So the numbers are interesting. But I suspect in 5 years the totals will be several times as high. And rising.



Europeans to Increase Mobile Spending 11x Over Next 5 Years [STUDY].

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