Mr. Zuckerberg comes to Washington

So after Facebook boosts its DC representation, a new alliance is announced with Google, Amazon, and others to defend a “free internet” and such.

If this is not going to be seen as just another lobby ploy by rent-seeing corporates, they need to add non-profits to the group as full members, and spell out a very clear program with which others than digital corporate interests will be in agreement.

And while we are at it, they need to realize that their own corporate futures depend increasingly on their engagement with users/customers through social media. As we have kept noting –  and as Facebook’s almost unbelievable history of gaffes keeps demonstrating – the kings of social are among its least agile proficient, and strategic users.

Get these two issues resolved and both the future of the digital giants and that of America could look a lot better.

Facebook, Google, Amazon, EBay Form Internet Lobbying Group – AllFacebook.

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