69% of Global #B2B Orgs Ignore #Social Feedback

What would one expect to characterize a period in which exponential change really starts taking off? Well, terrible decisions, a lagging generation of leaders, huge advantage for economies and industries that were previously behind all the curves and for younger people, all that kind of thing.

So some of the big surprises we get, like this one, are no surprise at all! But wow: wanna get ahead of the competition? Hire guys who understand social and put them in positions of influence. ASAP.

In fact this squares nicely (nastily) with @markfidelman’s HBR piece on which I commented some weeks ago – that Fortune 250 CIOs are essentially in the social dark ages; only 4 of them have blogs, and 25 are on Twitter. Unbelievable, but also predictable. Terrible news for America and our current slate of uber-companies. Terrific for newbies of all kinds. Go read Thomas Kuhn. And remember, the exponential take-off has just started.


Several great links here to related studies:

69% of Global B2B Organizations Ignore Customer Feedback On Social Media | The Realtime Report.

2 thoughts on “69% of Global #B2B Orgs Ignore #Social Feedback

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