#Social business starting to boom?

All eyes have been fixed on Facebook’s problem in building out its ad-based biz model as users migrate to the mobile frontier where everyone knows that is even harder.

But the other end of the convo from getting biz to support social websites is social business proper. And this is where it starts getting actually interesting. Because while the evidence keeps pouring in that many major companies simply haven’t begun to take this seriously, as they begin to it becomes clear that its impact will be revolutionary. It’s not just another ad channel, but a driver of transparency as corporate culture, mission, employee values, social relationships, all shuffle toward alignment.

More on this later. But a neat post from Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes surveying the scene with a focus on acquisitions as companies look to buy expertise and opportunity. There is a very great deal of the latter for those who decide to move seriously.

Ryan Holmes: What Is a Social Business App, Anyway? And Why Is the Market Booming?.

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