The Napa Technology Policy Summit, 2012


I’ve just returned from this outstanding annual conference, in which C-PET was privileged once again to be a partner. It brought together leading voices from corporate, entrepreneurial, venture and governance communities.

The panel I moderated illustrates this well. Vivek Wadhwa, Washington Post innovation columnist, biz school prof in five locations, and recently appointed resident guru at the NASA-hosted Singularity University, was joined by Kauffman Senior Fellow Paul Kedrosky, Start-up America leader Kathy Warner, and Chief Strategy Officer of well-known start-up Spokeo Emanuel Pleitez. Like all panels at these events so well curated by Natalie Fonseca, there were no PowerPoints or set-piece speeches. Focus was on lively discussion, and Q and A, in which some of the best minds around were fully engaged. Full video will soon be available (we shall let you know when) and each of the panels will bear careful viewing…

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