#Blodget and Broadcasting and Why I think TV is Over

Henry @HBlodget of Business Insider not exactly for the first time has been causing controversy – now about TV, not Facebook.And here’s a neat piece from @TerryHeaton summarizing his case and agreeing with it – to the effect that TV as we know it is falling down the same hole (my metaphor) as print journalism.

I probably agree with Blodget more than Heaton does. First thought about it seriously at a private event in London several years ago when Jeremy Hunt, who is now the UK govt minister for culture et al., and in hot water over Murdoch issues, was still in opposition. His topic was his approach, when the Conservatives got into government, to “independent” (non-BBC) television. He is a very smart fellow; it was a lively presentation. But when I got around to asking my question, which was to the effect “why do you think it has a future; everything is migrating to the web and asynchronicity, and the moreso the younger you are,” it was pretty obvious he had not thought about it.

It’s a marvel that just as the moving image bounds every further up the exponential curve of consumer demand in C21, its classic purveyors are like deer staring at that bright spot that used to sit at the center of the screen in the old days after we turned it off.

Local Media in a Postmodern World, Part CXXVIII, Henry Blodget is Right: TV is in Trouble.

via #Blodget and Broadcasting and Why I think TV is Over.

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