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Following up his earlier work on the bizarre fact that most Fortune 250 CIOs show little personal engagement with social media, Mark Fidelman zooms in on the guy who comes top of his rankings and is therefore the most social CIO in corporate America.

SAP’s Oliver Bussmann warns that CIOs are putting their careers in jeopardy if they haven’t dived into the social ocean.

I suggested recently that the great majority of CIOs should be shown the door and make way for replacements more in tune with the shockwave that social is spreading not simply through marketing but ultimately every aspect of 21st century business. The naive notion that you can just hire people to do it for you needs to be stamped on. Not that the CIO needs to have day-to-day involvement with the corporate presence. But if he or she does not blog about fishing or tweet about Hollywood then there is no fundamental understanding in the C suite of the revolutionary dynamics at play in this fluid and fast-changing social landscape.

My earlier piece:

SAP’s CIO: You’re Putting Your Executive Career at Risk if You’re Not Social – Forbes.

Fidelman’s earlier piece:


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