California’s Golden Opportunity – #innovation #China


Dire budgetary news from California has become as tedious and predictable as the latest on its educational failings, tumbling from the top ranks of American higher education to way down the rankings. We know part of the reason, which is tax initiatives that ave crimped the state’s ability to undergird what were once world-leading educational initiatives. There are of course other reasons, which include dumb teacher unions and state representatives unable to offer leadership.

But there is a wider point to be noted. California stands ready to serve as the linchpin of the emerging global Pacific order; the U.S. representative that offers the fulcrum to the Pacific states as the world’s leading center of entrepreneurship. Is this happening?

Silicon Valley, earth’s chief creative organ, is as detached from the Pacific as it is from the continental body of the United States. Its denizens need to discover interest and enthusiasm for both the polity of their nation and the opportunities of their ocean if they are to take the lead in the most consequent generation that earth has yet seen.



Huge New Shortfall Predicted in California Budget –

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