#Hashtags and the #Twitter Power of Simplicity

Someone famous once said (was it Einstein) that we must seek not the simplicity that lies on the nearside of complexity, but on the far side. This isn’t a comment on our political malaise (though it could be) but on the best example the digital world has yet produced of the astonishing power that lies on that desideratum of a far side. And it’s called . . . Twitter.

I have written about this before, and I shall again. Here is the before:


The hashtag, whose potential and practical application is laid out in this brilliant post, just exemplifies the principle: utter simplicity (say, 1000 times as simple as Facebook) that enables us to engage the exponential explosion in data of all kinds and knowledge in particular. Twitter offers a Reciprocal Knowledge Engine.

And as @rorysutherland recently was quoted as saying, this could mean it is worth a lot more the Facebook. http://viggoandersen.visibli.com/share/3C4fe4


Twitter Hashtags 101: Complete Guide to Discovery and Power | Internet Media Labs Blog.

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