#Bubble Talk – and the problem of #disruption – and Life in the #Kink

Henry Blodget has just posted a slide deck detailing start-up financing and arguing against the Bubble hypothesis. Here it is:


Fair enough.

But as I have argued before, there is a core problem attaching to the mega-brands and, of course, on all our minds, at the moment, Facebook. Which is that disruption is the principle – not the replacement of yesteryear’s blue-chips with tomorrow’s. Sorry, I tend to giggle when I hear smart folk discussing when Facebook will hit X billion. And I guffawed last year as IBM celebrated its centenary and the blogosphere asked the question: What great companies will be around in 100 years’ time? Someone needs to go Google “exponential.”

Point is that as we look back we witness disruptive change at expo speed. Looking ahead? We smooth the curve. We live in the kink. If you like, here’s a definition of the present: Life in the kink. Here’s what I wrote a year ago. I’m sticking by my story.


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