#Digital Imperatives? #CMO

What astonishes me is that “digital” is seen as some sort of novelty. It’s been the core of our communications and the driver of business for nearly a generation. Bizarrely, it still looks like tomorrow. It’s today. Um, yesterday.

So: What we need is integration to the degree that digital/social is seen as the baseline like the USPS.

Of course, that entails leadership that will make the point. Mark Fidelman’s HBR blog polling Fortune 250 CIO’s was not encouraging – 4 had blogs, 25 were on Twitter. It would be interesting to know more about the personal digital engagement of these three digital leaders. Digital/social, as I keep saying, has to be personal. Like saying sorry, you can’t hire someone to do it for you.





How to Deliver With Digital: 8 Imperatives for CMOs – Velocidi.

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