5 Amazing Facts about #China – #mobile and #social

A map of the world detailing population of the...

A map of the world detailing population of the world by Internet use as it exists today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five amazing facts about China (and much, much more in the report below)

1. China has 564 million Internet users. And every single week 1 million more join up.

2. There are more than 1.1 billion mobile subscriptions in China, with 10 million more being added every month.

3. More than 400 million Chinese access the Internet using mobile devices.

4. To gain a sense of perspective: China has more Internet users than the population of Western Europe. And more mobile users accessing the Internet than the population of the United States.

5. China‘s half-billion social media users spend an average – get this – 46 minutes a day, every day, accessing social media.

A Comprehensive Exploration of China’s Online Ecosystem | We Are Social Singapore.

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