Olympics, Risk and the Craziness from G4S

In case you missed it, the major security firm G4S picked up a lucrative contract to provide security (or at least the bag-searching, latex glove simulacrum thereof) at the Olympics. They have monumentally blundered, and their top guy who is actually names Buckles has been admitting “humiliating mess” language in front of a committee of the UK Parliament.

OK, let’s talk about (a) risk, and (b) risk. That is, (a) where is the project plan to recruit the needed 10,000, train them, all the rest? Where is the risk assessment plan attached thereto? Where is all this boring MBA stuff that leaders do in their sleep and organizations commit to white boards and apt computer programs?

And (b), the vast damage being done this company, which has become a laughing stock, and is insisting – as seemingly its nutty contract permits – on claiming a fee of of nearly $100m for its pathetic carrying-on? No shame? No effort to recoup a scrap of repute? I forceast that Murdoch would close the News of the World, and he did. Smart guy. Damage limitation. Big symbol.

Mr Buckles?





Nick Buckles tells MPs G4S will claim its multi-million management fee despite Olympics ‘shambles’ – Telegraph.

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