Reposting this as it is highly relevant to the urgent need to re-orient the federal government westward: to the Silicon Valley tech/creative community, and to China. We need to start with Camp David. Then the rest of federal Washington. Shift them to the Bay Area. The question is when, not if. The longer it takes, the worse U.S. chances in C21. How about it, Obama? Romney?

I first posted the discussion below in January. Couple striking recent developments to add. The Germany Pirate Party is now polling better than the Greens. And the UK’s Daily Mail – very much a mainstream conservative paper – has published a clarion call to support Marine Le Pen for the French presidency. Go figure.

I’m about to discuss this in the context of Gov2.0 at #gov20la

People have pointed out that others use this term to refer to the politics of space exploration involving inhabited planets. I think it has a much more useful meaning. Sorry, ETs.

Oh yes, and @mikenelson picks up the theme in this essay:

On Exopolitics: Tectonic Plates are shifting in America

So far as I can see, no-one else is using exopolitics in the sense I have been this past year on Twitter and in various blog posts to refer to fundamental shifts in American…

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