#Facebook and the #IPO again . . . @Wadhwa ‘s latest salvo

Vivek Wadhwa has emerged as one of the sharpest critics of conventional wisdom at the meeting-point of innovation, business, and finance. As entrepreneur, biz school prof, and now  leader at the NASA-hosted Singularity University, he has plenty of street cred. And he is also a ferocious writer.

His critique of the IPO model is timely, and Facebook offers an example too good not to address. As he points out, they now have $16bn on hand for new tech and acquisitions; on the other hand, they face market pressures to deliver profit and growth that in their innovative space will unquestionably be hard to reconcile with the “social” purpose they have set – and on which, a la Catch-22, hopes of long-term success probably lie.

I’m interested in examples of innovative financing and governance that straddle the IPO/private/acquisition/nonprofit standard options. I think they will emerge at the interface of social, social enterprise, and new technologies. Perhaps in Facebook’s successor.




Don’t get tangled in the IPO yarn – The Washington Post.

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