Murdoch 2

The curious case of the faux Wendi Deng will not soon be forgotten, though its explanation would seem to lie in ad hoc decision-making in generally well-ordered corporations (News International and of course Twitter) during a holiday weekend. Plus of course a smart fraudster, male it now seems, whose restraint led to a strange verisimilitude when after the unasked-for “verified” check appeared seems to have been a little spooked. A more malign or merely comedic individual would have made a lot of hay while that sun shone.

But back to point: Murdoch‘s engagement in this most open of social media, firing bursts of opiniated table talk out to the world, is almost too good to be true – though in this case, it is true. It may well not last, as the PR handlers break the door down and pull him away from his keyboard. And as the venom of many nasty people is spat back at him. Yet I hope he stays the course, and engages with the more sane among his followers. To he benefit of a powerful man who rarely sees and hears real people, and the rest of us vice versa.

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