Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter; a sign for 2012

The emergence of a Twitter account yesterday in @rupertmurdoch’s name set off a flurry of comment, much of it skeptical. It looked authentic to me and I said so. Now it’s verified, and @wendi_deng his wife is also tweeting (hers as yet unverified, though I think it’s for real and have enjoyed a couple of verisimilitudinous exchanges). I hope they stick at it, though it won’t be easy as it is simple to send abusive tweets and Murdoch is quite a target. And I hope they keep the PR people at bay. They must be tearing out their hair as this will have ruined their New Year weekend.

What’s in my mind is that if we can nudge public figures in politics, business, the arts, elsewhere –  to engage in the 24/7 cocktail party which is Twitter, and to do so in their own voice, the benefits will be incalculable.  For them and for us.

Who’s next?

Rupert Murdoch joins Twitter?

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