On Culture, the Future, and Biz

I have spent the past few days in Sydney, Australia, as the guest of the finance company AMP whose offices dominate the skyline here along the Harbour, overlooking those two icons of this great city – the Opera House, and the Bridge. I’m here along with a score of others from the worlds of social media, futurism, business re-engineering, and such locations. And why? Because AMP for some time has decided to devote a week and a good deal of moolah, once every two years, to an ideafest. A little Aspen, as it were, inside the offices and culture of a very successful major company, drawing hundreds of its executives and board members and clients into an intensive series of thinkfests. They are still in progress.

As are dinners, lunches, assorted engagements inside and outside the company. Tomorrow some of us go off to Melbourne to present a mini version to another segment of the organization.
So what’s afoot? Someone here has a rather smart idea: that actually bringing together ideas people and those who run a forward-looking corporation will bring some very smart new ideas, incarnated in the idea-brokers who present them, into the bloodstream – at a time when the speed of change, the future, innovation, form the subtext of every conversation among savvy business leaders.
Take a look at the program. The videos are popping up as speeches are given (mine is here: http://www.amplifyfestival.com.au/artists/detail/nigel-cameron). Reflect on how your own organization handles ideas – whether its focus is using retreads when they are already widely accepted in the culture, or its interest is on the edge; the cutting edge; the cusp of tomorrow.
More soon. . . . .

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